09 November 2009

The Cheetos Blog

I sometimes think the point of blogging is to write and post on a regular basis. And I sometimes think the point of blogging everyday (like with Nablopomo) is to find your "voice" in the everyday words.

I discovered my "voice" when I wrote a column for the newspaper. At first I was just giddy with being published, then it was a challenge to figure out what, if anything, was going to materialized by deadline, then it was a matter of trusting myself and just doing it.

Maybe I'm getting to that place with blogging everyday.

What I really want to talk about right here and right now is Cheetos, the puffy variety. The way you put one in your mouth and deflate it and how it sticks to the back of your teeth and you go outside and into the garden full of thought and think hmmm that Cheetos was good and the tongue searches around and scraps off a tidbit from the tooth and you swallow and in a minute or two you forget all about the Cheetos until you brush your teeth and wonder what *is* this orange crap and then remember oh yeah Cheetos.

Maybe that's what blogging is all about.


  1. haha!

    I love cheetos, and you are so right on. They are nasty gummy stick to you teeth and you think "ick, why am I eating this" and then you have another one and realize "oh yea, they taste so good!" =)

  2. OH I love cheetos too..love the orange finger I get too:)


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