10 November 2009

My Face Hurts

This doesn't seem to be a good year to be catching whatever is going around, but I'm doing a bang up job.

A couple three weeks ago I had a GI flu with a fever and sore teeth. Now I have a super snotty cold and my face hurts. What's up with that?

I went into work for a couple of hours and I realized I was miserable. Why did I think work would make me feel better? The place was like the inside of a freezer, and I couldn't warm up. Finally I called boss and she said Go Home!

Two blocks down the road I remembered I forgot to turn off that old heater. Turned around and went back. Wouldn't want to burn the place down, now would I?

Hah! That reminds me of a joke:
There was this guy with a wood eye who liked a girl with a hair lip.
So one day he gathers his courage and asks her out.
"Would I? Would I? She exclaimed.
"Hair lip! Hair lip! He replied.

Anyway I get Vets' Day off tomorrow so I can be sick some more, then try and do a weeks worth of work on Thursday. Oh boy.

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