08 November 2009

Calendar Shopping Snowride

We did our annual calendar shopping expedition to B&N today. Plus he needs something to read. I am bathing in unfinished books, so that was not my purpose (however, that never stops me from looking).

I, for some reason, need a calendar in every room. Including the loo. Interestingly or not, my father must have a clock in every room. Including the loo. So there you go. Genetics.

Sort of. (Fessing here: I have a clock in the loo too. One that Dad gave me.) Oh God. Oh Internet.

Back to the point Judy. B&N is a strange little world, is it not? It looks like the possibilities are endless, but actually the place is quite limited. Sure calendars abound.

I always get Ansel for my office, and Llewelyn for the hallway. (Plus more. A lot more.) Well this year I bought neither. After 20 years of B&W just over there, and horoscopes coming out of the shower listing bad days and good days (really!! enough already), I said "Fuck it Pawtucket" and went down a different road.

Still with calendars though.

Maybe I'll do a calendar round up later this month seeing how that sounds so "blog worthy."

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  1. So what did you do?? I have one of those block things..you know with the numbers on it..and long little blocks for the months..it is right in my kitchen..damn thing drives me nuts sometimes it is a whole month behind:)


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