12 June 2009

Sky Watch Friday - Central Coast, California

The weather that brought in June was rather exciting. Thunder, lightening, polka dot rain, down spouts, and wind gusts of 50mph. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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  1. Wow, that first pic with the pink is wonderful! Both photos are but the top one is just a wee bit more wonderfuller. ;-)

  2. Beautiful photographs of amazing weather.

  3. HI Judy,
    I've never seen such a flamingo pink color in the sky! Great shot - I like the one of the clouds breaking apart, too.

  4. Wow youse all a nifty group. So much interaction.

    Ms Toast: well I should have stop at one pic huh?Thanks for the input. :D

    Hi Joanna Thank You!!

    Thanks Regina (you must be a fashion model, wow!)

    Barb, it was all natural. Didn't change a thing. And I like walking into them choppy clouds too. Like heaven. So thanks.

    Hey Pasadena (my old stompin grounds.) Sup dawg! Thank you!!


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