19 June 2009

Death or Delicious?

mushroom in garden, originally uploaded by Judy's Notebook.

I don't often see mushrooms pop up in 90 degree heat, but this area gets regular water as it is a foot from the raised bed. I am not certain what kind of mushroom this is. 

At first I thought it was a shaggy mane: a common delicious shroom. The book I have says the shaggy mane also looks like a poisonous mushroom called a green parasol. So named because the spores are green and the cap opens like a parasol. And that the green parasol is responsible for the most mushroom poisoning in the United States. Gives you pause in plucking it up to eat.

My rule (seeing how I am an expert wild mushroom hunter) is quite simple.

Don't eat wild mushrooms.


  1. All mushrooms give me indigestion, so I wouldn't know a good one if I saw it. I saw that movie with Clint Eastwood where the school girls poisoned him with them..it remains etched in my brain.. 'Beguiled' :)


Thanks for sharing!