10 June 2009

BTW The Bread Came Out Wonderful

I am writing this as I bake bread, cook artichokes, deli slice roast turkey, water the garden, and clean the kitchen floor. So if it sounds disjointed, then guess what? It is because I am. I don't believe in multi-tasking anyway. It's a dumb concept that somehow got management types all excited in a panting type of way. All woooo wooo. More work, less pay. I get a bonus even if the company fires me kind of way. 
What did our CFO do that was so bad the board of sups asked him to leave? Nobody knows. Well some people are guessing seeing how both he and his assistant (a young woman) were put on administrative leave at the same time. And ultimately she stayed and he was asked to leave. Why not fired? Oh because in his contract it says he can't be fired! WTF! But he can be asked to leave with his pension in tow. Ruffles my feathers, it does!

Now that I got that out. Let me tell you about my lovely Sunday. 

Wait. I have to check the mail and put eye drops in. Is it just me? Or is this the worse year for eye allergies? Geez! It's the pits, I tell you. 
I started this post at 2:56 PM. It's five now as my computer just told me. Got to remember to change the voice. He's sounds a little too techno nerd and 12 and 2 sound too similar, so I have to look at the clock anyway. 
Sunday was fun. So was Saturday and Friday too, although I don't remember what I did exactly. I did remember that I'm on vacation and that feels good! We planned on going to this car show - really it was a Friends of the Adobes fundraiser on Sunday, and all morning long, I kept on saying Oh, all I really want to do is work in my garden. At noon he was saying Now or never! So I made the executive decision and we went for it.

I made a beeline for the food - BBQ chicken by the Lions, YUM; a beeline for the wine tasting - more like two wine sips. BAD marketing winery! A beeline for the gift shop and bought 22 postcards. The picture at the top is one of them. I forgot to take a pic of the adobe if you can believe that. I've been stopping by this place for 25 years. One of my first photos of The Mister is of him standing upstairs in the museum. Man, was he young!

Anyway, this place is an historic site. It was an old stage stop and inn. I know a woman who use to clean the place after hours says it's haunted. Said from the corner of your eye you can see something move. Felt a hand of her shoulder one time, and that was the last time she cleaned the place too.

It's right next to highway 101, so the whole time you're there, all you hear is traffic. Highway 101 kind of took over El Camino Real. There are some stretches still existing like the one in front of the Rios Adobe. That's where all the Model Ts & As are parked. Notice the railroad track behind them. The Amtrak came through while we were in the gift shop. *I love trains*

I bought a bunch of raffle tickets and then went back for the old egg cup while we were waiting for the raffle winners to be announced. I love 3 minute eggs but they have to cooked 4 minutes. And you know The Mister loves eggs but he won't go along with having chickens. I say it would be really cool and we could have the chickens that produce green eggs, his favorite, but he says they're dirty and will attract vermin and he sounds like his mother. My word. 
I didn't win a thing, as usual, and we dashed outta there like our butts were on fire, and they might have been. It was sooooooo hot! We did some other stuff that I will blog about on my other blog.
I love that gangster car below. El Gatto Muffy rides again!


  1. Do you believe in ghosts, Judy? I sort of do...

  2. Saw that car show going on on the way back from church and my first thought was..whew it's a little too hot! We really want to go sometime.
    I'm writing a novel based on a ghosts and I love the literary draw of them. I don't believe in them myself though but I did see something really strange when I was little. You could not really call it a ghost.
    long story.


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