11 April 2009

You Look Like Fresh Morning Dew!

So I haven't been around for awhile. Truth: I've been around just not writing that pithy commentary I'm so not known for. I don't have any excuses expect for the first week of Abrillo when I didn't have internet because we upgraded the modem and the crackers said we need to re-align our dish, so they came out here and pushed it one way and then the other till finally it wasn't able to be aligned the old configuration or the new, and then - get this - they sold an even better (more expensive) upgrade to the mister, but we would have to wait a week for them to come out to install it. In the meantime, no Internet. Halfway through the week I sez to him, "Ya know, you might just want to call our service providers just to make sure we are all on the same page." So he did (reluctantly) and guess what? Service providers from hell hadn't a clue we re-ordered a new modem. 

Plus the whole time this was going on, I was pretending not to be sick. "Oh, I don't have a headache." "Oh, the coffee just didn't sit well with me this morning." "Oh, I wonder why the room is spinning." After going to work with a headache that only can be described as a 127 in pain on a scale of 1 to 10, and keep in mind I do not get headaches very often anyway, well, let's just say I thought the cancer was back and in my brain and I was going to die, and that it couldn't happen soon enough. 

I didn't die. I went home. Laid down under five heavy comforters and blankets and shook violently for an hour. Got up. Had a shot of whisky. Went back to bed and slept for nineteen hours.

Si stayed with me the whole time. Good cat.

So that explains away one week but not the other three. I don't have any explanations. It just is what it is.
I must say going back to work last week ran me down. Everyone was asking me Were you sick? Ah yeah. Because you look tired. Gee thanks. After the fourth You look tired I felt like saying Well you look like a saggy ass. 

But I didn't. 

People mean well, I suppose. I just think it's never appropriate to tell someone that they look tired. Just what does it accomplish? It's like saying you look old with bags under your eyes. Would you ever say that to anyone, even someone you hate? 

Hey you don't know if I have a short fuse and a gun under my desk. Walk on.

Geez I guess I'm a little touchy because I have a birthday coming up. End of April. I'm taking vacation that week too. I am soooooo ready for vacation. Two more weeks to go....

For the past few years I've taken a month off here and there to have various parts of my body cut off. That was sick leave not vacation. People would say Aren't you glad to have some time off? But it's not like I was skipping in the sand at the beach. I was recovering from surgery.

Not this year though. In January I sat down with a calendar and mapped out three planned vacations and one wild card, and I submitted the requests to my employer who needs plenty of notice.

There you go people - Plenty Of Notice!

Of course right now my employer is threatening us with lay offs (just in time for the economy's recovery Ha ha!), so all the worker bees are worried that they will be fired if they take a vacation. This is Bullsh*t!!!! All my bosses have a had at least one vacation thus far this year, and we're not talking a long weekend.

So if I can hang on for two more weeks, I'll get my first vacation in five years, and I'll turn another year older doing so. 



  1. Thanks for sharing. I promise to never tell you you look tired....EVER. :)
    I'm so glald you planned out your vacation time and you deserve a real one after years of that. I think it would be down right awful of them to do that to you so just don't think about it. Go put some sand between your toes.

  2. Thanks Alicia!
    It is so hard to leave. I have such great love for my job and everyone. If we can think of the well ( of goodness) being recharged, maybe short time offs can be viewed as good things. I hope so. I love my people. And a few days looking at flowers does me good. :)


Thanks for sharing!