16 March 2009

All Hail Bacchus!

We were sitting around Sunday morning trying to decide how to spend the day. I said to him Let's go wine tasting! There's a new winery open a few miles down the road. It'll be fun, oh come on. 
He was reluctant. So I knew I had to work on him. 

I said Dude, I need something to blog about, plus it will be super quick, just sip and click, and back again. 

He dug in his heels. 

I said Okay but whether we go or not, I'm blogging this. 

And that was the ticket. He does not want to look unfavorable on my blog. Isn't that a gas!

So we jump in the truck with my camera in hand and rolled down the road.

The winery is brand new. The tasting room has only been open for one week. They are still putting in landscaping even. The outdoor deck was nice. I definitely could envision a catered event in the grand hall.
After we tasted about 20 different wines, I joined the wine club and bought six bottles to take home with me. Outside we decided to climb the hill and take in the view. We also discovered redmaids. 
The first of this year!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful day! I think those were the flowers you blogged about last spring right?
    I look forward to the Saturday I wake up and just can't decide what lovely thing to do with myself and my buddy.:)


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