09 March 2009

I Heart Electricity

Sunday morning, 4:30 am. NO Electricity. 

It is one of those things that is so intertwined with life that you hardly know it's there until it's gone. And it was gone this morning. Back to bed.
Still Sunday morning 7:00 am. NO Electricity and just remembered it's effen daylight savings time. Now it's darker colder EARLIER when I HAVE to get up. All for what? More shopping hours at KMart? I am pissed. Go back to bed feeling glad I don't have to get up.

Sunday morning 8:00 am. Realize there is still no electricity. Dearly want to go back to sleep. 

Sunday morning 8:30 am. Realize there's no way I'm going to go back to noddingham.

Sunday morning 8:34 am. Get UP!
No hot shower. No hot coffee. No hot food. No computer. No heat. Nothing. Pretend I am camping and try not to be grossed out by my greasy hair.* 
*I must admit having an hour cut out of my life with no shower makes me bitter, even a bit shrill,  however the quiet is nice. The birds are crazy chirping in the backyard. Everything is serene, that is, until the closest neighbor (whose face I do not know) starts up the engine of his 4WD and parks in front of my house, but no wait. Why doesn't it go away? Just idling forever. Well dingdong, that's because it's a generator. *groan*

12 hours later. The power comes on. 
I've lost my Sunday. I've lost MY Sunday. Gone. Poof.

Sunday pm. I take a 40 minute pink skin HOT shower and wash my hair, twice. AHH!

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