13 November 2008

Adventures With Google

I've just entered the world of Google Reader. I've realized this week that given the choice of eating double fudge chocolate cake or reading blogs, I will pick the blog reading every time. Maybe this is not a good week to make that determination since I've been housebound with the flu. It's a really gnarly flu too. I still can't hear very well out of either ear and the cough has left me limp with weakness plus the headache, oh the headache, man o man the headache. I don't do headaches well. I don't get them too frequently either. When I do, I just try to sleep, but you really can't sleep when you have to cough every ten minutes and all you can hear is someone pounding on the door two houses down over and over Bam! Bam! Bam! But nobody is pounding on any door. It's my heart beating. Anyway.. Ye Ole Google Reader!
I tried to figure out who has subscribed me, but apparently you need a special decoder ring. If anyone knows, pass it to me, okay? 
I deleted some and probably will add some blogs before the day though. I don't mean to offend. Blogger has this "following" widget that many people use but I didn't want it on my blog because quite frankly I really don't want to know how unpopular I am. When it started, I thought to try it out by "following" Alicia. After a month or so, I've decided to de-follow because of the redundancy. Alicia is still in my Favorites not because we agree on everything, but because she is just so dang honest and true to herself and she finds neat gadgets to put on her blog that I steal, I mean imitate ;) Go visit Alicia!
I'm finding a lot of kind hopeful people here in blog land, but I wonder if the only way to increase readership is to do a giveaway. Some advised joining forums or groups and I've started that with photography. I get such a blast out of taking pictures now that we are in the digital age. Using film was so costly and wasteful. Yay! Pixels! And I'm also very excited because I think Santa is getting me a DSLR camera this Christmas. You should see the smile that put on my face! 
So do you have any recommendations for cameras, my fellow picture takers?

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  1. I will decode part of the mystery; each of your blogs are in my Google Reader. I LOVE Google Reader - got a bunch of blogs in there. Only 8 peeps subscribe to mine, and I only know who one of 'em is - b/c she's the one who raved to me about Google Reader in the first place. I have the same feeling about that "following" feature - since I now have a sitemeter, I know how many people a day read my blog, and there just aren't enough for me to start suggesting people follow me yet! Here's a clue to increasing hits - at least for a day: The day I blogged about the Final Jeopardy Question, I received 42 hits - the most of any day. And they all searched for "Oct 28 Final Jeopardy" in Google - isn't that weird? Don't think any of them stuck around as regular blog readers though. ;)


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