12 November 2008

On My Desk: My New Pencil Cup

My new pencil cup is actually a very old coffee mug with a broken handle. Circa 1980, I think. Gourmet coffee was just breaking in to be the next "got to have it" trend. We received a Bunn four cup coffee maker all-in-one with an automatic bean grinder built inside. This was a wedding present that included some whole beans, and two flamingo coffee mugs (which I hated!) from his sister. My ex's sister was nice enough, an old hippie who turned into a yuppie, and she liked to rub shoulders with the Southern California elite. She had new money, and really it was all about appearances.
First meeting with his sister: 
His sister to me: "I know Jane Fonda, you know." 
Me: "Ah, congratulations?"
But back to my new pencil cup. Recently it was buried in a box of what-nots or do-we-have-the-effort-to-even-sort-through-this-s**ff. He (the man I did not marry but live with now for over 20 years) said, "For heaven's sake Honey, let's clean up some of these precious belongings." Nope. He didn't really say that.
I saw my old dear cup all dirty with age sitting in the garage one day. I remembered I bought in a boutique by the beach for (probably) too much money because I WANTED it. I brought it home and the ex said that his sister's feelings would be hurt if we didn't use her mugs, the pink flamingo ones, and said too bad because I love this mug, now a pencil cup, and still do. 
Parakeets Forever! 

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