13 November 2008

Help Me Decide

Not to sound too pathetic. But I need a little help here. The coat looks a bit frumpy, however I own the pale camel, the off white one (biggest picture), and I love it. It's perfect for my work place until the heat kicks in. Not too heavy, not too light. And I've a special deal to get another, so I'm gunning for it. But I can't decide which color. Is pea green over yet? I have a very cool black pea coat, so do I want another black coat? Browns can be tricky. Lilac? Blue? Help me, please.


  1. I think colors are fun, especially if you've already got your basics covered! I like the blue, green and lilac. :) And the coat is cute. After that, whichever one seems most fetching on you!

  2. I like the blue since you already have the black! Too bad they don't offer it in red.

  3. To Amanda, Thanks for your advice! These coats are of the "swing" style, so they got a lot of movement, and I think movement + color = Fun!

    To Summerset, That's the first thing I said! Can you imagine how glam a red velvet would look with black slacks and turtleneck?!

    To everyone, the coats are from Boden, btw. I guess I should have linked.

  4. i'm immediately drawn to the green one, but then, i tend to do a lot of that old green!:) I think it would look good with your coloring.
    hey, love the coat...it's so femanine and practical too.


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