03 October 2008

Brown Paper Packages

Tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things. Thank you HeyLucy! Thank you for my peeper. (What a cute name!)

When I got home from work Thursday, the package was waiting for me. I nearly shredded the postal box to find a brown paper package with a lovely note card. Nice touch! So I got out my camera and proceeded to take one blurry picture after another. Then Si insisted on having a look-see at this little creature. Was it for him, he wondered. Well, since it wasn't filled with catnip, I guess not. 
Anyway I scooped up the peeper and took him to my studio. So without further ado, will you please welcome . . .



  1. Frankie looks quite happy in his new home :o) I hope he will be a good addition to the family. Coincidentally, our cats react pretty much the same way as Silas did to Frankie, to our real, live chickens.

  2. It looks like the peeper is doing a little dance. How much do I Love Frankie? {wings spread} This Much!


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