28 September 2008

Snapple Rain Agave Cactus Juice Drink

Once upon a time a famous soft drink company decided to step into the then new energy drink business and came out with concoction called Elements. At first there were four flavors of which I can only remember Fire and Rain, and Rain was definitely my signature drink.
Snapple stopped making them quite a few years ago. My guess is they weren't making a profit, so one day they disappeared from the shelves of Von's. (This happens, btw, to me all the time. I get to liking some product, and the next thing you know, there's a little sign that says "reduced price for quick clearance.")
I kept two bottles for some reason for years now. They probably aren't any good to actually drink being subjected to the heat and all, but just to look at them, they bring back fond memories.
I know this is a fairly inconsequential post. What can I say? The idea of our government taking 700 billion dollars of OUR money to bail out failing businesses makes me want to break a rain and riot. (Insert smiley face and hahaha.)


  1. Oh know that saddness. When was little there was a drink called "new york seltzer" that I LOVED! The don't make them anymore. I think I liked them for the cute tiny bottles.:)
    I agree, I'm very nerveous about the gov. in that much control of finances.

  2. this was my favorite drink out of the entire line! snapple now makes a drink called "restore" thats agave melon and its SO good. its a little similar. when i tried the snapple agave melon today, it reminded me so much of rain and i just HAD to come online and look for snapple rain. youre amazing! you kept two bottles!

  3. I googled Rain too and found this page. I loved the drink! They switched to aluminum cans; I think they may still be making them because I remember having one as recently as summer '07.

  4. I LOVED this stuff -- haven't seen it for years.

  5. I used to love that drink too. Ah, the times...

  6. Miss Rain...love rain....wish there would be Rain again

  7. rain was the best, they also made sodas back in the day. Cherry Lime Ricky was my favorite

  8. They ahould bring them back ... if only a seasonal item... it would be better than not ever having them again

  9. They should bring it back. I have a couple full containers in the newer metal bottles. I'm afraid to drink them, as I might never get the chance to taste it again.

  10. Hey im like really upset that this drink is gone. I say that we all write a letter to snapple telling them to bring it back!!

  11. As this GREAT beverage has been long discontinued, and with Snapple not giving a rat's ass about the niche market, I'll share my research and be completely indifferent to copyright infringement and C&D orders. If you want something bad enough, make it at home!

    Guarana sources (carbonated beverages):
    *Bawls (bevmo.com)
    *Guarana Antarctica (amazon.com)
    *Guarana Brazilia (amazon.com)
    !!!! Note that it is incredibly hard to find Guarana juice in the United States (if not impossible). So, simply take any of the above sodas, open them up, and stir them around in a large pitcher until all the carbon gas has been allowed to fizz-out.

    Agave sources:
    *a well-stocked supermarket should carry the raw/organic agave nectar/syrup... suitable enough for use in making a homebrew Snapple Rain...

    *Anywhere that sells your average, American fruits, i guess. Experiment with different pear varieties for you desired flavor profile.

    Ginseng root sources:
    *Asian/Chinese herbal store
    *Asian produce market/supermarket
    *Chinatown (if you live near one)
    *GNC (in the form of a powder or extract....... perhaps).
    !!!! Note that due to the possible side-effects of using or overdosing on ginseng, I recommend against adding this ingredient in the first place.

    Substitute the ginseng with some extracted juice of a tiny piece of ginger root.

    Once you've juiced the pears, simply mix everything together, then dilute with a little bit of fresh water. Serve chilled.

  12. Wow, I guess I'm not the only one who misses this drink. They should bring it back.

  13. There are petitions online (I've found a few) lobbying to bring back the Elements line in whatever form Snapple see's fit. After all, the aluminum can enthusiasts can pour from a glass bottle into a comparable empty and washed out Rockstar twist-cap bottle, and us glass bottle fans can easily dump into a mason jar or something. I urge everyone to go sign the petition(s) to bring back these drinks, Rain in particular.

    In the meantime, I'm going to attempt "Anonymous"' recipe above. Sounds dicey, but after so many years it's worth a shot!

  14. http://www.change.org/petitions/snapple-beverage-corp-bring-back-snapple-elements


  15. Yes i think it would be awesome to bring back snapple rain i loved that drink i could get a case for $12-$14

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  17. I loved that drink snapple rain i could buy it for$12-$14 a case and i had atleast 20 cases at one time in my garage

    1. It's tough Cory. I don't think we will ever get the Snapple Rain back. But thanks for showing up. Thanks for caring. I heart you guys.
      If they were smart though, Snapple would put Rain out and we would buy em up. There must be a reason they are not doing this…mmmmh

  18. Anyone have a empty bottle they are willing to sell?

  19. https://www.change.org/p/dr-pepper-snapple-group-bring-back-snapple-elements-fe210c86-8b21-497c-a9bb-48de0c5b862d



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