01 August 2008

What A Fun Afternoon!

And I'm being totally sarcastic! 
I had a lovely slow morning. Two cups of coffee, catching up with Soozs and Pioneer Woman, downloading craft projects and the like. You know my Thursday is like most peoples' Fridays and plus it has the added bonus that I am alone. Alone to ponder my thoughts, to plan my weekend, to get things done.
So after awhile I pulled myself away the computer and decided to tackle the PEACHES. (Sure wish I took a picture.) I mean it was already 1pm. Get it together, girl.
My friend Myrna gave me a couple pounds of tree ripe peaches the other day at work. The car smelled like heaven all the way home. And I thought that I would freeze them. Blanch, peel, halved, dip in lemon juice, baggie, and freeze. 
So like an assembly line, I went to work. Oh but first - put in a load of laundry. There's something about kitchen and laundry with me. Heave ho! I was on a roll. Good day vibes abound.
I was pretty much done with the PEACHES when I heard a weird trickly water sound. Like something way off on the other side of the house. And I think, that's not good. I even said to Si, "that's not good." He hear it too, kind of lifted his head and pointed it in the direction of the sound. My pointer cat.
So I have peach juice all over my hands and peaches are the slipperiest little mothers. I was worried I was going to slice off my fingers with that sharp knife. 
Anyway I immediately investigate. Water sounds, not good.
Yep I was right. Not good. My bathroom is flooded. His bathroom is flooded. (Thank goodness we have separate baths. I have the spa gene. He doesn't.)
I go outside. Water around out spout. SH**T! (I say shoot! a lot! He says Bang!)
So for the next 2 1/2 hours I'm getting the plumber out there and he's telling the septic needs to be pumped and it's Friday at 4:30pm and you know what that means. ARGH!
Nobody works on the weekend unless you're dying or dead. So that's it.
I said to L with it. Fixed a margarita. Cleaned up the mess. Made my lovely bean soup with fresh baked rolls and wait on the man to return from the black hole, as it is named, so I can say, "Honey, maybe this would be a good weekend to do a B&B."

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