03 August 2008

Once Again

Not So Long Ago made with the words of my current blog. 

I Just Thought made with the words of the category North County Notebook.

I have a little Wordle addiction right now that I am working through. Honestly I would love a whole wall of this. Not a little page size, but one wall of huge words in vibrant colors with a cool red sofa in front of it. Maybe in a loft, in Chicago, hanging with people who get you. And laugh. 
Thanks Amanda for reading. 

I think we might have to rename Twitter -  to - Whereas username says: blahblahwoofwoof
For example:
Whereas JudysNotebook says:
I just ate the goldfish as sushi. So fresh. Ha Ha!
24 days ago

Yep, it's a go. I love the word WHEREAS!

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