28 July 2008

Arty Chokes Three For A Dollar

The garden is producing some pretty nice stuff right about now. I harvested this loot this morning. Three artichokes from the best artichoke plant, a couple of Juliet tomatoes, a tiny zucchini, and other veggies. I've have dozens of green Romas (still on the bush). When they go red, it will be paste making time, but I might skin them and freeze them in small batches instead. I've been hearing lots of good feedback for freezing as opposed to all the work of canning. Yet I do love shiny mason jars filled with a finished product of my making stacked neatly in the pantry. 
This is my straight out of the camera shot of my ten-foot sunflower. I took it yesterday after we got home from the fair. It's a mighty flower, king of the garden, lord of the sky, lover of the sun. And we gets lottsa sun here.
But it wasn't too hot this year for the fair. It's usually triple digits! And the fair was a blast this year just like every other year. I got some great photos of cookies and quilts, pigs and goats, and all sorts of other things. Maybe I'll figure out how to do a slide show. 

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