27 June 2008

Life Aint Nothing But A Funny Funny Riddle Not Pickle

Thank God  I'm a country chick!
Let's make some pickles. All you need is some vinegar, spices, and some lovely pared down broccoli stems and separated cauliflower florets. No processing necessary, that's if you're going to eat them. Soon. Like this summer. (Or winter, depending on your hemisphere.) You know you can can them, which means put them in hot water to kill any bad bacteria, but I don't plan to have these around until next season. They are "eat'em now" pickles. Yeehaw.  
And I'll probably make a few more batches as crops mature. Zuc pickles. Bean pickles. Corn pickles. I love pickles.
Here are some of the herbs and spices.

Each jar had dill, pepper, spices and garlic. And salt.

Each jar was loaded with orange cauliflower and purple cauliflower and broccoli stems - all blanched. One to two ratio of seasoned rice wine vinegar to water filled to the brim, sealed and refridged.

The pickles will last two weeks in the fridge if they last that long. Make, give, live.

See, I can have a productive Friday. Even after this wild week. 
Tomorrow I make my very first loaf of sourdough bread that is made with my very own sourdough starter! Gosh yeast is fun!


  1. do they have a seasoned flavor so quick? i always thought pickles had to sit a bit. they look so good.
    let me know how your bread turns out. :)


Thanks for sharing!