21 June 2008

What Cha Been Up To?

Oh, about five foot two.
No really. Baking bread, carving apple heads for up coming doll making, and mopping the kitchen floor (sorry no photo of that).
The air quality here is pretty darn bad with all the fires. Also it's 107 degrees to boot. So breathing outside is not an option. My eyeballs feel like they are inhabited with glass shards.
And to make matters a whole lot worse, I have "Walk Like An Egyptian" in my radio head. (Stop!)
So I am hoping that maybe I'll win something from this blog because look at my photo of the apple heads I made last week! I need help with photography. Please. 
And my car celebrated its ODO 12345 the other day, and this person is the Hot Mama B-day girl!
So what cha been up to?

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