03 July 2008

I Used To Be Bald

And I used to have long hair, and now I've had every length of hair in between except for super long hair that's past my butt. I was waiting for my mop to grow a little longer and then I was going to have it blunt cut at my shoulders. But I don't know if I can wait. I did the Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo that I read at Angry Chicken, and my hair hasn't been the same since. 
You see a while back I became intrigued when I read her post on switching to baking soda and vinegar instead of using commercial shampoo. I've always wondered how they did it in the olden days and figured the chemicals I was putting on my head probably weren't the greatest for me. 
So with her recent post on homemade deodorant, I was reminded of my experience doing the BS and ACV shampoo earlier this year.
Day one: Hair seems fuller.
Day two: Hair seems denser.
Day three: Hair seems greasy.
Day four: Can't wait to get home from work to jump in the shower and wash hair. Twice. 
Yes I fail at being homespun when it comes to certain conveniences. Yes I do make my own pickles and butter (sometimes), but when it comes to a clogged drain, I'm pouring Drano down the drain regardless of how toxic it is to the little beasties in the septic. And yes I believe greasy hair is dirty hair.
But I did get something out of this experience. About 5 zits and two large containers of Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner. 

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  1. hah! oh, my. i thought at first you had found some old amazing secret...guess not.
    it reminds me of the PBS "victorian house" where I think they did the same thing and had the same result. they actually got in trouble cause they snuck out and bought shampoo!:)


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