18 April 2008

Get Thee To The Kitchen

Last weekend we had record breaking hot spring weather, which is always tough on my white skin, but I suffered though it. It felt like summer. What happened to spring? It was spring for like two weeks and then boom! 90 degree heat!

Anyway. Sunday morning I raced to get the newspaper before some dodo steals it, and comb the ads looking for a deal, even though I know you get what you pay for, but still I'm a cheapie cuz I know the store always get 100 percent profit and the stuff is just crap, but I found a gazebo at T for a song, so we bought it. When we arrived home, he decided he wanted to put it up. It's blazing hot out ther, I said. Don't care, he said.

So I'm out there in the garden in shorts and a tee, sipping a cool beverage, and running around taking snaps of him and the garden while he's putting together 1,267 pieces of what looks like an erector set.
I sensed he wasn't a very happy builder, so I offered to make him a snack. Or perhaps dinner. With some of my lovely lettuce. So check out what I made over here.

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