04 April 2008

Garden News

After feeling a bit yucky these past few days, I woke up this morning craving biscuits and gravy. That's a good sign because yesterday I thought I was going deeper and deeper into that dark hole when I had to leave work early. But a very light dinner and a good night's rest and I feel much better today.

So I made biscuits this morning using an old recipe. Put brown gravy on them too. And it all stayed down, so I ventured off to the garden and pulled about six radishes and a handful of lettuce. Came in and washed the dirt off and ate all the radishes with sea salt. Man, nothing tastes like spring like a fresh radish!

I planted the French Breakfast variety. Some garden centers sell Renee's Garden Seeds around here. I've had some problems getting her flowers going, but the vegetables are pretty reliable. 
Way back in the 80s, I visited her test garden in Felton when she was Shepard's Garden Seed. (She sold that company and it has since gone out of business.) That's a really fun thing to do during harvest time. I don't know what seed companies offer tours, but I think I'll look into it. Anyhoo, when she was Shepard's, those seed catalogs were as informative as a book, plus they were full of recipes, so if you were growing something unusual, you knew what to do with it by the time you harvested. And the drawings were so pretty. I save those catalogs for years. 

The lettuce seed was leftover from a year or two ago, Thai Lettuce from J. L. Hudson, Seedsman. I've been mail ordering from them for years. In fact this year I plan to plant Hopi blue and Oaxaca green corn that I bought from them last year. 

I guess my biggest obstacle this year are the birds. Easily remedied with floating row cover though, but it's not too pretty. Still I think I'll go out and take a few pics today to document the before and after.

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  1. I love radishes! My kids don't. I hope to stretch them in the future.
    You are right, straight from the garden is so much better. When I was about 10 my parents planted a huge garden and I would go and glean whenever I wanted. I learned how great things can be straight from the ground and ran under the outside hose. I even ate spinach that way! I would not eat it cooked, but from the garden was great!


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