28 April 2008

Just Another Sunday

Yesterday I started to sort through and prioritize my many sewing projects. There is stuff I want to sew for myself, and stuff for the house, and gifts. The projects for myself are all experimental, and if they work out, well, that’s great. But I’m not going to worry too much about it. I’m going to make it fun if it kills me.

The house projects are accent colors. For some reason when I lived at the big ranch, I was into the color gold. Probably because the house’s carpet was dark green, and I wanted to lightened it up. I guess my preferences are the “jewel tones” but I like everthing from time to time.

The new ranch house is very white with vaulted ceilings and white carpet. All the cabinetry is honey oak, and the fixtures are brass. It’s all so shiny and bright it feels like the high beams are on all the time. So I need to tone it down a bit.

I guess I’ll post up some pictures because one can spend an awful lot of time describing something that a single picture defines.

After I got sidetracked and then sidetracked again, I ended up making another potato gratin dish, and because I was having so much fun with my mandoline, I made a cole slaw with vinaigrette not mayo.

Boy, this light supper hit the spot. There were no leftovers.

We were enjoying late afternoon when he said, “Oh look! A King Snake!”
And there under the woodpile was an adolescent king snake. So we immediately jump up and rushed out to have a better look.

Now snakes are no dummies. The moment two giant heads with giant eyeballs come peering in your face, you might recoil too.

But we had to look. California King Snakes kill rattlers. That makes them really cool is my book, plus they just look cool, like they are a warning tape. Bright yellow and black striped.

I went back into the house and got my camera, and practically had to stand on my head to take the snake's portrait. I started to wonder why would this little guy come for a visit this hot Sunday?

Well, most animals are motivated by water, food, or procreation.

And then it dawned on me. Lizards. Food for young snakes of all kinds, and I have tons of lizards in my garden. So many, you have to be careful where you step.

Where there are lizards, there are snakes.

So after shooting some blurry useless pictures, I came back inside and in my animated fashion started lobbying to “The Man of The House” for the removal of The Snake, and promptly knocked over in grand animated fashion a full glass of wine, which sprayed over everthing in the dang dining room including table, floor and window, and library books (shh), important papers, and cat.

However the wine glass did not break because as I watched it slide horizontal in slow-mo, I managed to grab it and put it upright making everthing a whole lot worse.

To which he paused for just a moment and then started clapping.


  1. Loved your post. When you get writing, you get writing!
    I won't tell about he wine on the books if you won't:).
    Projects sound fun! I would love pics as you go.
    Can you share your gratin and cole slaw recipe? I love potatoes gratin and can't get them to come out right. I revert to the box and that is sad.
    I did a post where everyone was supposed to share a recipe, maybe one of those you could put on there. I love new ideas.
    Is it snake season? That is one of the reasons I wanted a dog, to alert me and the kids. I love king snakes, because I hate raddlers!
    Thanks for the fun read.
    Glad your man can clap for you at your most talented moments! Seeing the humor is what its all about eh?!

  2. Thanks Alicia!
    When it gets hot, like high 80s or 90s, the snakes come out. I had a Dalmatian that alerted us of every snake that came thru. He was a blessing! Ebony will be that way for you too, I'm sure.
    With my "creations," I sort of wing it, but I'm heavy into the potato theme lately, so I'll throw you my basic recipe soon. Thanks for reading and responding. I should do the same, but I get all lurking sometimes and don't contribute. Shame on me. Oh well :)


Thanks for sharing!