03 December 2007

Little Books

I saw this craft on How About Orange's site. So cute! I made little books with about three blank pages in the middle (folded over you have six sheets or 12 pages).  On the outside Jess (from How About Orange) laminated pretty paper. I waited for pretty paper to come to me and it didn't. So when the library was discarding a children's picture book with all of these farm animals, I snatched it up. Picture book paper is thicker than typing paper. I didn't laminate.
I love my paper cutter that I bought many years ago. Reminds me of 4th grade. It just comes in handy all the time making bookmarks and such.
Anyways it took me about an hour to make a dozen little books. They will be good stocking stuffers, I think. And one for the glove box. And one for the purse. And one for next to the computer. And one for next to the chair just to jot down a little thought in a little book.

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