08 December 2007

And The Bells Rang...

A storm came in right around the time I got the mail. These four sycamores might lose all their leaves tonight.
I cooked beef stew today, such a comfort food, and I decided to have a salad for dessert. 
The garden is looking good. Leeks and carrots are under the white cloth. The lettuces are covered up too. (It has gotten to 22 degrees at night.) But the peas are on their own.

I put up the lights on the tree while listening to carols. I'm really liking Alicia's playlist.
It was Christmas Everywhere!

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  1. Hi Judy!
    It was fun to see your blog! I'm glad you had the inspiration to pick it back up.
    Glad you are enjoying the playlist! We went to Vine St. tonight and it was a bit of a saddness, I hardly heard any Christmas music. There was rock music though and I felt like I was at a cold rainy fair with fussy kids. Time to call it a night!


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