02 December 2007

O Christmas Tree

How lovely are thy branches.

At the lot I generally go for the feel. Does it feel like a friendly tree? Does it make me smile? Who of all the flocked or not is saying, "take me?"

I really like this guy. He has an aura. He looked all lit up without any candles. I call him Ralph. Ralph Tree I'm sorry.
RIP. Trees take a long time to die. And we fool them at Christmas by putting them in water. 

But it's a tradition. One of the few I really enjoy. Not that I like killing a living thing, no no. But bringing the wild into the tame and celebrating. Imagine living without a house or a hearth. Every time I hear the coyotes sing at night, I am thankful for the walls that surround me. Right now, in fact. Thank you. 

But back to my beauty of a tree, even without a light or ornament. A Noble Pine standing tall at 7 feet. My Charlie Brown tree with all its imperfections is here at home for little while.  

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