20 August 2014

Shrinking Si

The fecal test came back negative, so he doesn't have worms. All other tests have shown him to be in completely good health. He plays. He naps. He eats. All is normal except that he is losing weight.

Now the vet wants to neuter him. So I did an almost exhaustive search on the web and found some indication that intact males might get thin as they age, and the metabolic changes with neutering might help him to gain weight. So it is a potential.

I have to say that I was opposed to neutering Si because many years ago I had a darling cat named Clancey. I was pushed by a vet to neuter him and I really wished I hadn't. His sweet disposition and rag doll affection would have been a wonderful gift to future generations.

I have wondered if Si's intelligence and tenacity would be beneficial to future generations of cats too.

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