11 August 2014

More Tests For Si

Last night's Supermoon was quite impressive. I took a bunch of pictures but didn't like the way they came out. So I present this sunset photo. We have having lots of monsoonal clouds this summer which make nice cloud pictures, and the California fires help tint the sky as well.

Tomorrow I take Si to see Dr. Ann. He continues to shrink despite a good appetite and good digestion. Yesterday was a very good day as far as being playful and active and his typical goofy self. So that's why I made the appointment. I mean if he was sick, wouldn't he act sick?

I started to wonder if the thyroid test was a false negative. Or if he did get thyroid medicine, would it hurt him if he didn't have hyperthyroidism? Just to see if it would help him. Frankly it is a bit scary to see him get thinner day by day.

Dr. Ann will take more blood, and give him a cortisone shot, and probably traumatize him a bit. And we'll get back the results and go from there. I simply don't agree that he has cancer or irritable bowel disease because he shows no poopy problems or appetite issues. And I just read that up to 10% of cats with hyperthyroidism have normal T4 levels.

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