13 April 2014

Peace Posies for April

Spring is a pert little season around here. So fleeting is the wild flower show on the backroads, so sweet the weather and the green hills, and then it all goes away.

We went wine tasting at Pear Valley yesterday, which is always good for a quick buzz. There were lots of folks too. Maybe the busiest I've ever seen the place. I bought a case of Aglianico, a lovely garden wine for the coming months.

My garden is really rolling along too. We have only one Juliet tomato plant with nine red cabbages plants, six hot red pepper plants, six celery, two fennel, bunches of artichokes, and lots of chard, lettuce, red mustard, miner's lettuce, and parsley.

The irises are out-of-sight this year, and we have lavender with buzzy bees.

Oregano, hollyhocks, milk weed, artichokes, garlic chives, chard, just to name some, have all gone wild. So it's chaos, wonderful chaos. And Mad Men tonight!!!

How is Spring treating you?

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