08 March 2014

Tasting Paso Robles Friday: Le Vigne and Pear Valley

This is Le Vigne Winery's temporary tasting room. I took one look at these towering barrels and said If we have an earthquake, RUN! People tend to think Well the heavy stuff is heavy and it won't fall.

What every person in the world should know is during a strong earthquake (you never know how strong it will be until it's too late), weighted things that are not tied down sufficiently can and generally will become airborne. This includes heavy machines like bulldozers. That's right. A giant bulldozer can fly weightless in a strong earthquake.

So see these barrels. If there is a rumble, there may be a tumble. Move your bottom out the door just in case.

That said - I liked the ambiance.

Here is the new and unfinished tasting island. Looks nice. They replaced the tall bar with lower belly-ups. I like that. It was always weird to taste wine feeling like a child standing at grownups furniture. I'm five-two. That isn't that small -geez.

And on the way home, another winery had actual people climbing on the high tension towers. So we had to go tasting at Pear Valley Winery too.

All I could think was if I were doing that job, what would I do if I had to go pee.

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