21 December 2012

I see salads in my future - lots and lots of salads

I try to identify my bad habits and break them and not wait for the new year. Although sometimes the "identifying" comes with the retrospecting that is usually involved at the end of the year. And this year the "identifying" not only coincides with the end of the year but also a blood test. (My blood is showing some problems that could possibly be corrected by eating healthier and moving the old body more. (What a surprise!))

Upon retrospection though, I realized that I have been eating emotionally. I'm kind of amazed, to be honest. I love food. I take pictures of food, and write about my lunches, and basically a good chunk of my life is devoted to growing (and sometimes eating) vegetables.

But this year, and it did start early this year, I became depressed about my paying job, and the way I was dealing with it was I would to go out to eat or go to the deli market and buy junk for lunch. That's right. I would wake up on the day I would work and think where will I go out to eat today. And that would motivate me to go to work.

I tried to bento once a week or every other week or sometimes I did a few in a row. But basically when I thought about going to work, I thought about chile verde tacos, and biscuits and gravy, and bags of buffalo bleu chips, and thousands of Hot Tamales, and gallons of Dr. Pepper. And I did very little movement. As little as possible. Sure sometimes I would walk to get my biscuits and gravy, but most the time I would drive.

So when I ran into my friend "Mrs. Oz," and mentioned my woes, she suggested I look into glass jar salads on Pinterest. Lightbulb! Salads. Containers. Hope.

Donburi Bento Box (Donburi is normally rice with toppings)

Top level: Containers of purple sauerkraut and oil and vinegar dressing

Spinach salad with tomato, radish, and avocado

Also I got back on my bike. Ugh. People I need your help. I need workout music suggestions because I swear time goes backwards when I'm on that thing.

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