20 November 2011

Clashy Colors and Expectations for T-day

This little pom is the only fruit my plant did bear this year. I picked it when I went out to catch the sunset. Same light but totally different colors. So clashy!

Today it is rainy and cold and I'm getting caught up on my blogging and my blog reading. Thanksgiving is this week and I still have not decided what I'm going to serve, if anything. Going out feels like fun this year. You know, a quiet little dinner in a nice restaurant without all the have to's and should's that an emotional holiday is saddled with.

The mister is not convinced however. Of course, his stomach is talking. I make a lot of very tasty dressing (My mother's recipe :D). And he thinks cooking at home is less expensive. But after one buys all the stuff one needs to make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, one could have a very nice meal in a very nice venue without all the cooking and cleaning.

Not that I mind the cooking, I just want something different.

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