31 July 2011

Mid-State Fair 2011

The fair was fairly cool this year. We didn't visit the live animals, but we saw lots of exotic miniature sparkly ones.

Somehow we missed the garden displays too. But who needs real flowers when you can own the biggest garish posy on the block.

Of course a country fair wouldn't be a country fair without your jams and jellies ... and wasabi peas.

And pizza by the slice.

I always come to the fair with an agenda, and this year it was toads.
(I've been nurturing a whole pond of polliwogs this spring.)

I found this lovey who asked to come home with me.

Took motion pictures of the carousel. Can you tell this is a Native American horse? Except for the shoes, of course.

The fun house looked kind of empty,

and the gators looked positively scared.

All in all a very fine day at the Mid-State County Fair. 

I used to think it's the same every year, but that's not the case. Every year it has a different feel, and every year I have a different agenda. Like I said toads made the list this year. Also sea turtles, a new hat (I ended up getting two), actually staying away from the 4-H animals, and taking photos that I could turn into old-timey looking shots. 

More on that maybe later.

Do you go to your county fair? 

With an agenda? 

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