10 July 2011

Half barrel pond

Half barrel pond, originally uploaded by Judy's Notebook.
My water element in the garden is teeming with tadpoles. In the evening many have turned into toads half the size of my thumbnail and are hopping about on the lily pads.

I expect to see snakes soon given the heat and this new food supply.


  1. I had a pond with lovely plants and fish, but the raccoons would come and trash it, scattering bits of plant and fish all across the yard. I now have a submerged pond with a bubbling basalt rock. Not as nice, but easier to maintain. I would love to have frogs though!

  2. Hi Judy,

    Ponds are a miracle, I quite agree. Yours looks gorgeous, no wonder you love it so much. And not only you but so many critters as well.

    Thanks for visiting Bliss!

  3. Hi Christine H.
    Don't get me started about raccoons! I am fortunate not to have any where I'm at now, but in past places they caused serious damage and heartbreak.

    I do wish I had a bubbler though.


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