03 October 2010

October Sunset

Thunder and lightening bolts finally arrived at dusk. It was quite a show.

I welcome this fall even with the Indian summer we're having. Some things on the list to do:

  • Make Christmas gifts. I'm very taken with this book call omiyage by Kumiko Sudo. Now if only I could find Japanese silks.
  • Continue reading the classics. I got off to a bad start on that. I must have realized that just because the book is a classic, it doesn't mean I'm going to love it. Also I was educated in the sciences, so I need to learn to speak and write about literature. This will be good for me though difficult.
  • Continue to survey wine tasting establishments. And write about them. Develop a scheme to rate them. Have fun with the process.
  • Sell books I no longer want to keep to used book stores. This involves travel and I'm such a homebody, so I need push myself.
  • I need to stop stressing about work. Whatever happens, happens. In the big picture, it really doesn't matter.

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