08 October 2010

B & E Vineyard

This is B & E Vineyard wine tasting room. As you can see it is fashioned after an old Western saloon. It has a single room with a hardy air conditioner and a wood bar. There are benches both inside and out. 

It's located on Creston Road, east of Paso Robles. Grouped with the Back Road Wineries, this tasting room has a small personal feel. In fact, there is no way to be anonymous here, but that was okay because the pourer was a really nice people person.

 Like so many tasting rooms, we go right down the list starting with the chilled rose, then the lighter reds, and finally the stronger reds. Usually we just go along seeing how it is scripted and if interrupted, well now, spontaneity is not always a good thing. When we got to the stronger reds, we were very happy.

B & E makes some damn nice red wine.

I joined their club and look forward to visiting them again on Harvest weekend coming up soon.


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