07 May 2010

That Giddy Spring Thing

I had such a case a Spring Fever yesterday that I couldn't stay inside.

I'm suppose to stay inside when at work. That's part of the job requirements. But I just couldn't.

So I pulled a chair outside during the typically quiet morning and read a book. I can read on the job. It's not a requirement though.

After awhile I got too warm and retreated back to the cool indoors.

I'm not sure what brain chemicals are sparking when that giddy Spring thing hits, but everything seems brighter and more interesting.

Take this tree.

This tree is across the street where I park my car. For the last 12 years I have never noticed it to bloom. Sure, it has caught my attention and at one point many years ago, I went out to it when the owner was doing some yard work and asked him what kind of tree it was. He seemed amused. But told me,
"Some people call them Umbrella Trees."

So yesterday when I was leaving work, I said hello to the umbrayella tree and noticed it was covered with

Look Up!

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  1. how strange, I commented on this blog post the other day and it's gone!
    Judy, are you censoring me?? :) seriously though, that's strange.


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