08 May 2010

Look Up! It's Another Tree Blog!

Hello. Another tree. "Look up" when you're 5'2" and you'll likely see a tree.

This is an Almond Tree. The flowers are beautiful in early spring and then the fuzzy nut forms. This fuzzy nut grows all spring and summer and then the fuzzy part drops off and the corky outer part and the nut drops to the ground, or not. The Almond Tree is known for holding on to its nuts.

That said, I live in an area that is known as Almond Country. (Aside: they cut down all the almond orchards to plant wine grapes. Now they sell beautiful cured almond wood for your fireplace, the bastards. And lots of wine. burp!)

Anyways, the actual amonds that we know and eat are inside the corky outer part, and they are usually roasted and salted, the nuts, that is.

I think I could document the stages rather well as this tree sits just outside my window where I work. But I'm sure the internet has done a reasonable job. So "look" it "up."

In review, almonds have cute fuzzy nuts, amonds do not. Why?

Cause you have to shake the ell out of them to get them to the ground. (Ag humor.)

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