02 May 2010

A is For Apron

I bought myself a couple of books from Joggles lately. Most were on sale like this one, A Is For Apron by Nathalie Mornu.

There are 25 projects and six extras. The Lemon Meringue apron is to die for. So cute! And the Josephine is really lovely too. Also there are a few smaller aprons for the little ones.

The book covers the history of the apron and a gallery of vintage, and basic sewing to get you started.

I happened by Joggles to score some felt, but they have tons of craft books. I'll probably review them all this month because they encompass my recent artsy crafty endeavours.

It's funny to think how when I was growing up, the last thing in the world a young woman wanted was to be seen in an apron. We were striking out in the working world in our manly power suits demanding equal pay and no glass ceilings.

And now young women are making piles of money developing a trend to sew and sell aprons and other handmade items. Good for them, I say.

Speaking of making money, well credit really, if you go to Joggles via the button under "Si's Buddies" and purchase something, then I get 25% credit of your total purchase (not sales tax or shipping) that will be applied to next time I need some ribbon or a fabric fix. One time deal for each person.

I've never done this kind of affiliate-type program, so we'll see how it works. Also Joggles is having a 12% off sale on everything until May 15. Enter the code MOM2010 (uppercase, no spaces). Look around. It's a neat store.

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