03 May 2010

Five things I've accomplished on my vacation

  1. I figured out how to transfer my vinyl album music (much of it is classical) to my iPod using my new Crosley turntable. Love their retro stuff. 
  2. I received Hammacher Schlemmer sound oasis for my birthday, and it's my new favorite thing. The ocean or the forest, I'm there, baby. 
  3. I changed the part in my hair. I've had an always and forever over-my-right-eye side part. Well, just for kicks, I changed it to my widow's peak, which has been white since I was 25 years old. Yep I hid the "gray." Now I'm flaunting it! Sort of. I still have a dot of white in the middle of head that I hide. I've had that from birth. When hairdresser people point it out, I tell them it's where the aliens probed me as a baby. (And I believe it too.)
  4. I tried (and failed miserably) to make a multi-color felt dodecahedron pincushion. I will try again.
  5. Redecorated the bedroom, I did, and it looks very modern harem. I used a Moroccan-like pattern in cool blues and greens, just right for the hot weather ahead. And the bathroom had mini-makeover as well.


  1. sounds like a good time! what did you do on your actual birthday?

  2. Did you have a good Birthday?

    And those sound liek some cool things :) I change my part maybe once every 3 years.haha


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