29 March 2010

All That Glitters

How is it that when you're in Pottery Barn, everything looks so beautiful and trendy, and then when you bring it home, it looks like just another plate?

I don't know what is with me these days. Might be a good dose of spring clean re-do the decor blues.

I look at PB catalog and think - Boy I'd sure like a new desk. All I need to do is get rid of the one I have and some other stuff to. And then the Mister reminds me that PB spends a lot of time and money marketing their vibe, their look, and it comes with a price.

So I put the critical thinking cap on, and notice the catalog page has a view of the ocean blue and white sand, and the glass in the windows is perfectly clear and the breeze is blowing the lovely blue curtains ever so slightly, and the couches are brilliant white, and the throw pillows are all coordinated with lovely beachy motifs, and the sisal rug isn't hiding sand and fleas like it would if this were reality. Because I know. I lived in a beach house where the previous occupants were dog lovers and since they were now gone, the fleas they left behind were a might bit hungry and camped out in my nose at night. Really gross.

And yes I would love all white furniture in my office, but how could I ever give up my cherry wood table (circa 1950s) that I scored at a garage sale for 50 bucks?

I can't.

Maybe just some new curtains in that breezy blue.


  1. I like that style of dishware a lot. Though a 1950s cherry wood dining table sounds lovely!

    *Sigh* I don't know how to shop at garage sales. I'm going to have to try some this spring and summer. Our house feels so empty.

  2. Hi Amanda, Thanks about the dishware. He got me two plates for Christmas. And the cherry table was like a gift from garage gods. I've been to about 6 garage sales my whole life and I'll admit I know nothing about how to haggle. Most my furniture is new or given to me. But it stays with you. So chose wise.
    ps. Used furniture stores can offer up some good stuff if you just need to fill space. I personally would love to have one empty room just to get crazy and dance.

  3. If I ever figure out chose and choose, I'll let the world know. Don't hold your breath.

  4. i love decorating so much i could spend three men's fortunes on redoing things all the time. i try to remember that a little de-clutter, wipe downs and polished surfaces make me very happy too. curtains are an easy fix too though:)


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