20 November 2009

Girl Power!

I was writing my other blog earlier about bento leftovers and I thought of why not include a picture of the old ranch house where I used to live. So I went tripping down memory lane looking at hundreds of pictures trying to find the best one. I didn't find it, but I found this.

It's really hard to tell, but the group of buildings to the right are my house and some outbuildings like the wood shed and carport, and the buildings to my other right are ranch outbuildings to house tractors and trucks. The central area is where the ranchers hold their replacement heifers.

This is ridiculous! Hold on a moment!

Better? Better. This is only one area of a huge working cattle ranch in Monterey County. Not milk or meat but stock, as in baby cows. And when the mother cow can't mother no more, she is replaced. Hence replacement heifers.

When I first moved out there (just me and Si), the cowboys had just brought in a bunch of new girl cows. (You can imagine the jokes.) The cowboys brought in truck load after truck load and put them in the corral and left for the night. The girls screamed all night long and the next day I came out to say Hello!


Well Hello There!

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