30 November 2009

30 posts in 30 days

Yes I did! I blogged every day of November in the annual National Blog Posting Month for not only this blog, but my bento box blog as well, and I enjoyed doing it most the time.

Anyone who knows me knows I can start and stop a project in mere nanoseconds. I get distracted very easily. But I try. And Wow I even succeed sometimes. So Yay Me!!!


  1. Yay you indeed. That's a very lofty goal and one to be proud of accomplishing. I started out strong, but seem to have gotten side tracked - oh so easy to do. congrats.

  2. Thank you Karina!! Thank you very much. I've tried it before with no luck. I try lots of "just one month" things with no luck at all. So to do it - to me it's WOW! We can do anything if we set our mind to it. What should we do next?????


Thanks for sharing!