10 September 2009

Si the Gargoyle

I've been searching for the actual photo that is at the bottom of this blog with absolutely no luck. Right now I'd be happy to find the scanned version on my hard drive because it was a film photo like the picture above and my new banner. The two photos above are in frames that sit on a very tall bookcase just underneath my gargoyle which is as it should be the highest thing in the living room looking down upon us protecting us from evil.

I'm on vacation and I decided to make a to do list so I wouldn't sleep the week away. On this list are some fun things too not just vacuum the carpet and clean the bathroom. I thought it would be no problem adhering to tasks such as read everyday. Of course I do read everyday but I meant from a book not a computer screen.

But I haven't read everyday from a book or watched that pile of dvds from netflix. Instead I've been in a spacey phase in between creative pops. And it's all because of Bento Boxes.

Yesterday there was a article in the New York Times about Bento Box Lunches and as I read it today I realized I knew the majority of the web sites cited and the people who were interviewed and I've only been into this my brand new hobby for three weeks! To me Space Cadet Judy that is amazing. Also my bento box photos on Flickr have gone wild. Usually I'm lucky if any of my photos are viewed twice. There's nothing like it when things all fall into place. So the natural progression is I'm making another blog Judy's Bento Box. Hope to get something posted there soon. [NOTE: First post is a go. Come by and say hi!]

Also I finally decided to join the world and updated my profile as well.

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  1. Hey, If you use Flickr to load your photos onto your blog..the photo should be there..right? I am OFF to check out your new blog:)


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