28 August 2009

Yin Yang Clouds

I talked with my Dad this evening. He lives in a place that is currently burning like crazy. Thankfully his home is far enough away, although he is getting lots of ash and all that. He said, "wherever you live, it's always something - Best to just be happy where you are." Sound advice.

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  1. I too am in Southern California and like your Dad , I agree,it is always something. The air is smokey here and I would love to have some of those lovely clouds in your Photo!
    Of course that will mean only mudslides here later!
    Yep, just deal and be happy!
    Thanks for the very pretty Skywatch and good advice from your Dad!

  2. Most excellent advice! Those fires are frightening.

  3. Amazing photo of the sky, be sure to stay safe there.

  4. Beautiful curly/dark clouds. And I always like power lines in a shot - I think they add to the whole effect.

  5. Thank you all for commenting. The Station fire in the Angeles National Forest appears to be 42% contained, so things are looking up.


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