26 May 2009

Day 23: Climbing Mt. Manly Quilt

Quilts are funny little creatures. They start as big swaths of cloths and turn into their own story. One thing I've learned thus far in designing a quilt for The Mister is ...


Now I've got lots of fabric I will not use for this project or probably ever, but we'll see, and that the mixed set of manly ideas are like mixing your drinks. It's enough to have me spinning for at least seven months. 

Oh I know it's my fault. I just thought the color scheme, the theme, I thought that he might like to be a part of the design concept. Well some input is one thing, but fergoodnessake. Stop Stop Stop I don't need any more INPUT! 

All that said. I started on the manly man quilt WITHOUT a plan. And it is shaping up nicely.


Thanks for sharing!