26 April 2009

I Heart Singer

Behold! The old Singer sewing machine! My parents were quite clever one Christmas (oh about 30 years ago but whose counting) when they wrapped up a small package that fit in the palm of my hand. Unwrapped I found it was an old time sewing machine pencil sharpener with a little note that said something like "Judy, if this is not what you wanted, go down the hall and get the real one." So clever! But I was totally confused. What? What? What hall? A real old sewing machine? What are they thinking?

But down the hall that they had to steer me to and on the bed at the end of hall there sat the box. No wrapping or ribbon but was clearly stated a Singer Sewing Machine (what was inside it is pictured below). Grant you, nothing fancy. A beginner's model really, but a sewing machine. I was one happy girl!

I love my first sewing machine!

Some years later (like yesterday) I decided I needed a new sewing machine to do bigger projects like a quilt I have planned. And lo and behold, I went to Target to see what kind of machines they had. I could have bought anything I suppose. But what I really I wanted is what I already have. 

To Be Honest. I love my Singer. And I could have kept using my old machine, but I don't like playing with ancient electronics. (Not that I'm ancient - well yeah, I guess I am.) So....

I bought myself a new machine. 
Now with Lime Green accents. 


  1. I think I have the walmart version from a few years ago. I like the lime highlights on that one though. I enjoy the basic models too because I hardly know what I'm doing yet and too many options confuses me! I look forward to seeing your project!

  2. oooh - very streamlined and sleek!

    I am not a sew-er - (seamstress) - but I do have my grandmother's old Husqvarna. Whenever I pull it out, i ttakes me 30 minutes just to re-familiarize myself with all the doodads and gadgets.


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