09 February 2009

Rainy Monday Starts The Week

First thing he says to me this morning is that he doesn't want to disturb the birds. Trying to get out of the rain, the birds are sitting on the gazebo frame under the eave.
First thing I say to him this morning is oh how sweet! I've got to take a picture.
First thing Si sezs this morning is get outta my way. It's birdy time!

The storm brought snow to the mountains around here. I took pictures of that this morning too. 
I'm absolutely loving my camera. It's a D60 Nikon. I just loaded the trial software you need to manipulate the photos on my computer. I know I've had the camera since Christmas, but I really wanted to get use to it before exploring the software. I'm sure I'll have lots funky pictures for your viewing pleasure soon.

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