16 February 2009

The Hail Before The Storm

When I was growing up in Southern California, hail almost always meant the end of the storm. Hail would bounce around on the patio and a rainbow would appear, and that would be that.
This would make me sad. I like stormy weather. I like sipping a hot beverage and looking out at a grey sky being thankful for shelter and a warm fuzzy cat. And I almost always know when it's going to rain. Yes, certain joints hurt. What can I say? I'm a human barometer. But I also have this other thing that pops up before a storm. A desire to sing!
So when we came home and saw this hail a few days ago, I got my camera out and shot a few pictures. Say good-bye to the rain, I thought. 
Nope, not by a long shot. Yesterday we had gale force winds and the clouds looked like spaceships. Very trippy! Now it's raining, and Si needs his paws warmed. 
So if you will excuse me.

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