21 February 2009


Chinopolitan, originally uploaded by Memeopolis.

Sometimes I wish I lived in a big city or any city really. Because I used to and it was fun. You could go to the movies. See your friends. Go out for a drink. Be out there. Be fun.

This photo by Amanda wins the spacey photo award, and it has clouds, and y'all know I love clouds.

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  1. Wow, I'm excited to see that my photo inspired a post! I love cloudy photos, too.

    Basically, the city life of drinking, going out and movie watching - I'm living it up as often as I can, because I know life won't be like this forever! Not that one day I will never get to go out again, but just that other responsibilities will one day distract me.

    I will take 50 million photos of babies (I HOPE, anyway), rather than all the alcoholic drinks I consumed in a given weekend nights.


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